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Easy Plant-based Meals - 7 Days of Recipes, Recipe Planner & Shopping List

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Quarantining means an opportunity to try a new way of eating, but most people don't know where to start. I’ve heard from many of you that you struggle to decide what to cook each day, let alone a full week.

So here is where you start, and it's everything you could possibly need. We’ve created recipes that beginners could execute while still feeling like they're creating something special and different from what they're used to. And for you veteran cooks out there, these beautiful dishes will make you feel proud, whilst saving you a lot of time and energy.

We’ve put together an easy intro to healthy, batch-cook meals that will minimise your time in the kitchen and get you eating delicious food every day without all the fuss. 🥳

What’s included?

  • 🌱A week’s worth of healthy and nutritious vegan recipes

    • 3 breakfast recipes. Think smoothie bowls, warming porridge and delicious pancakes. 🥞

    • 7 recipes to be mixed across lunch & dinner. Think kung pao cauliflower and one-pot masala. 👅

  • 🗓 Weekly planner with a full 7 day meal plan

    • You’ll spend less time (and money) planning and worrying about what to cook, and more time eating delicious and nutritious meals.

  • 🛒 Detailed grocery shopping list

    • No need to make your own list - we’ve done it for you! ✅